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Melting PEEPS Chocolate Ghost Brownies – So Perfect For Halloween!!

Get your napkins ready, because if you make this gooey and yummy dessert, your guests will be licking their fingers for hours! These brownies is supposed to look as if the PEEPS are melting all over it.  And it just doesn’t get any easier.

Just purchase basic brownie mix at your local grocery store.  Five minutes before the brownies are done, sprinkle with a layer of mini-marshmallows.  In about 5-7 minutes, your brownies should be ready and a puffy layer of marshmallows will create a beautiful topping.  Once it cools, cut the brownies into squares, and with a toothpick, attach a PEEPS ghost.    The white of the PEEPS and the white of the marshmallow layer will look like the Peep is melting directly into the marshmallow and creates a fabulous effect.  peepsbrownies