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Pencil Sunburst – Back To School Party Craft


If you have been reading my posts this week, you probably know that I was in charge of my son’s back-to-school party this year.  I can’t tell you how much fun my kids had watching and helping me with all the wonderful centerpieces.  This was one of them!  I found this idea on Pinterest and had to give it a try.

My only warning for anyone who wants to try this project is that yes it was easy, however, if you are short on time, this is probably not the project you want to tackle.  It takes time for the hot glue to cool and for the pencils to set properly.  I worked on this star burst over a period of a week and I worked on both of them at one time.  My kids helped by holding the pencils in place as the glue dried, helping the pencil stick properly inside the hole.  You can do two, three, or more pencil star bursts at one time, but make sure to wait for each pencil to “set” properly.

Simply purchase a styrofoam ball and create holes with your #2 unsharpened pencil.  Add hot glue to the hole and place the pencil inside, holding it while the hot glue cools.  You can do two to 3 pencils at one time, but it’s important to make sure they are properly set before moving on.  You can do an entire ball as a star burst, or just do half a ball.  I did two and it was nice to see multi-sized starbursts on the table.  You can also paint the ball yellow, prior to inserting the pencils.  I did not do that but wished I thought of it prior to making the starburst.  Good thing that kids don’t care!

I did three other projects this year which include (pictured) Tissue Ball Centerpieces, Custom Crayon Teacher’s Wreath, and “Welcome Back” Crayon and Pencil Sign.