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Herbed Potato Bites

There is easy, and then there is EASY! These Herbed Potato Bites appetizers are just that ...EASY! They were also another popular winner at our test kitchen.


  • 8 Large potatoes
  • Your favorite selection of herbs or a ready made seasoning pack
  • Sour Cream


Simply wash and cut your potatoes into wedges. We recommend leaving the skin on... of course!

Blanch in hot salted water. Drain into a bowl.

Toss with olive oil and your favorite mixture of herbs. Layer the potatoes on a cookie sheet and bake at 180 degrees.

Arrange them in appetizer dishes, top off with sour cream, salt and pepper, and additional herbs. You are done!

There are also wonderful already-made potato mixture packets available in your local grocer's fruits and vegetables section. They include sour cream and chives, cheese and bacon, and many more.