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Shrimp Wasabi Cocktails

One of the easiest appetizers to prepare, these Shrimp Wasabi Cocktails were a favorite with our guests. We purchased short tealight candle holders from Wal-Mart and filled them with a shrimp cocktail mixture that included ready-made shrimp cocktail sauce (any variety should work) and a bit of wasabi.


  • 12-15 large shrimps
  • 1 bottle store bought shrimp cocktail sauce
  • Wasabi


Empty the shrimp cocktail sauce into container and mix in wasabi to taste. The goal is to create a sauce with a "kick" but not too spicy!

Find "interesting" containers for your shrimp. We used glass tea light holders. Fill them with the prepared sauce.

Place the shrimp in the containers with the tails pointing up.

Garnish and serve.

This is also a great "prepare ahead" appetizer. Leaving the shrimp in the sauce for 15 minutes will allow the wasabi to soak in even more.