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Children’s Hospital Table Top Event 2017 – My Favorite Tables.

February 3rd, 2020

As many of you know, I am obsessed with anything party, so when this annual event rolls around in the spring, I’m the first to get my tickets. Best of all, proceeds benefit the Friends of St. Louis Children’s Hospital Endowment Fund for Camp Rhythm, a summer camp specially designed for children with heart problems. Why do I love it so much? Because so many fabulous St. Louis designers create spectacular tables that literally blow my mind! When I published St. Louis Entertains magazine, I also participated in this event and Sandra Fulton, our floral designer, created a fruit/citrus themed table. Here is a link to another blog post featuring this event. Click Here To See It

The theme for 2017 was special events. Special events such as baby showers, birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc. Each table chose the event they wanted to design and went all in! There were many beautiful tables, but I have to say, these are my very favorites. So without further delay, here they are!

Loving this gorgeous Thanksgiving Day table from A Floral Gallery. It has just the right balance of red, orange, and gold tones.
Ooooh… that tablecloth!
Yes folks, that’s a floral turkey… I mean… how creative is this woman??? Incredible job, A Floral Gallery!!
American Doll table by the folks at American Doll St. Louis. Very cute!
American Doll Table. Loving those adorable boot centerpieces.
This was a very creative woodsy baby shower theme created by Belli Fiori. I thought this was a clever way to get out of the pink or blue “box” and step into a very unique green and brown color palette.

Love the bushy green base. Gives the table a sense of fullness. The votive holders, which are raised off the table, also bring your eyes up to the main centerpiece.
The wood chargers are very organic while the moss green table linens give all the table accessories a great backdrop.
The chair had interesting floral decorations which were very organic and free flowing.
And here is the full table. It’s a WOW!!!
I also love the bark floral containers. Again, very organic. This concept would be great for a couple who love nature and the outdoors.
This beautiful table, created by Caroline Kelsey Flowers, is also one of my favorites. I love the choice of linens which make the china pop beautifully off the table. The distress floral container is gorgeous and all the natural elements are beautifully orchestrated. I found this table to be very soothing and relaxing.
Love the texture of the tablecloth and the touches of moss around the base of the centerpiece. Really well executed!
This table, by Cherree Berry Paper, which is a bridal shower, is classic and beautiful. The floral elements, created by Bloomin’ Buckets, look like something out of a magazine. I love the table linens as well.
Although I was not the biggest fan of this arrangement, since it looks like a hand with three fingers, I have to say that I thought it was very creative. The centerpiece is designed with vegetables, bread, cheese, fruit, and alcohol… all of the things I LOVE!! So, I would have been in heaven if I was sitting at this table.
One of the most talked about tables was designed by Cosmopolitan Events. Although they had a full team of vendors that contributed to their massive table, they did a great job fusing all the elements together and creating one of the biggest tables on display.
Love the backdrop of grass and flowers.
This gorgeous table was designed by the St. Louis Service Bureau. Each year they create a jaw dropping table and this year was no different. This bridal shower themed table is perfection!! Loving the dogwood centerpiece, which has cards filled with sweet wishes, hanging off it. The cake… the invitations… place settings… it’s all fabulous!
Loving the beautiful calligraphy on the place cards.
Isn’t this table ADORABLE?! Perfect for easter! Unfortunately, I don’t know who created it because I couldn’t find the card. But I just love how festive it feels. I also love that it’s not difficult to re-create. The simplicity of the details are my favorite. I love it when I find a table I adore and I can actually re-create it! Unfortunately, that’s hard to find at Table Top events since people want to impress the guests with crazy designs that either cost a fortune or are impossible to re-create unless you are an award winning florist. This table was beautifully designed and also non pretentious. I just love it!
This St. Louis Blues hockey table is a DREAM for a boy’s birthday. It was created by Exclusive Events and was by far, the most popular table at the event, which is ironic since all the guests were women.
Each chair had a blues hockey jersey on it, the centerpiece is actually created with four hockey pucks, and the table itself is the ice rink… GENIUS!!

How can you not fall in love with this beautiful table from Walter Knoll Flowers. It just screams SPRING!
Another beautiful bridal shower table from The Great Coverup!
Loving the miniature champagne bottles!
Fun table Happy Engagement table from The Sweet Boutique. I love the large balloons with sweet messages printed on them like “Love is in the air!”
This table was a SPECTACULAR!! And the most ironic thing is that it came from a vendor that does not do special events… not a florist, not a designer, not a special events venue.. but The St. Louis Public Library! It was absolutely spectacular. People could not get enough of it.
The place cards were popular quotes, the table cloth were made out of old book covers, the centerpiece was books with pages flying out of them and occasional flowers. It was BEYOND creative. If this event was a completion. THEY WOULD BE THE WINNER!
Yes friends, that’s a book tower with pages flying out of them!!!
Soft Surroundings sponsored this event and they had a large table with a carnival theme.
Cute Merry-Go-Round tickets wrapped each napkin.
I also loved the runner which was a collage of vintage photos of carnivals and theme parks. Really well done for such a large table.
This “housewarming” themed table was adorable. It was created by a local realtor, Shelly Owens, and she did a wonderful job inspiring guests on how to create a fun table without spending a fortune. The centerpiece is a grouping of adorable birdhouses. She added flowers and cute messages for a fun touch. Another table I thought I could easily replicate.
This was a very interesting table from Pure Air Natives. Very natural.
This table was SOOOO CUTE!!! It was from Miss M’s Candies. She did a wonderful job of bringing fun and whimsy to the event. It was so reflective of her branding.
Loving all the bunnies and ducks… oh and those plates!
Fiesta party from June Roesslein Interiors. So colorful and fun, made me crave chips and margarita immediately! Love all the colors on the table and the centerpiece.
Gorgeous Kentucky Derby party by Joya. I mean… it’s absolutely perfect!
BLUSH Events created this gorgeous pineapple themed table with a stunning color palette. This is the perfect table for for a bridal or engagement party… or even a wedding. Two thumbs up!

A Touch of Spring!

January 14th, 2020

One of the best parts of transitioning into January from the hustle and bustle of the holidays is getting a preview of the upcoming spring inspirations. Mary Tuttles, a floral shop in Chesterfield, MO, is a great place to do just that! The designers at the store create beautiful spring vignettes and floral arrangements that exude creativity, no matter the season.

Today, I want to showcase some of the beautiful floral arrangements and vignettes created by the talented designers at Mary Tuttle’s.

Gorgeous bouquet, filled with so many beautiful flowers. Especially love the arch over the arrangement.

Loving this stunning Juliska pacesetting arrangement with the preserved boxwood ball. A classic!
Bring on the Gerbera Daisies.. the perfect arrangement for spring or any time of the year!
This spring arrangement is like a ray of sunshine! Also, a bit deceiving since its totally silk. Low maintenance!
This Easter vignette screams SPRING!!! Loving the antler coat rack!
Who wouldn’t feel welcome entering a home with this adorable arrangement! I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this bunny in the harlequin container filled with tulips, dogwood, and carrots. The perfect addition to any foyer!
This spring wreath is PURELY STUNNING!!!
Hello pink gerbera daisy arrangement … you are gorgeous!
Black, white, and pink… need I say more! Always in love with this color palette and of course, a beautiful gerbera daisy!
Who doesn’t love a little DRAMA!!! Loving this beautiful Lilly arrangement!

Five Tips On Creating A Beautiful Fall Table and Tablescape

September 6th, 2019
Fall tables cape, fall, fall decor, fall decorating, fall pumpkin, pumpkins, fall pumpkins

If you are from St. Louis, you may be familiar with one of the most beautiful stores in the area, Mary Tuttle’s. Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, it has become one of the “must see” retail establishments in the area. Why, you may ask? Because the people who work there, sales associates, designers, and floral artists, have created a home decor oasis that is unlike anything you have ever seen.

This fall, they did not disappoint with a table dedicated to a garden harvest theme.

Fall table, fall table scape, fall decor, fall decorating, fall inspiration
Beautiful Fall table featuring many of the brands they carry at the store
fall decor,, fall decorating, fall inspiration, fall table
Michael also created a stunning pumpkin chandelier to place above the table. Such drama!

The designer who created this table was Michael. He’s sort of a living legend at Mary Tuttle’s. He’s worked at the store for many years and has truly created a legendary flair.

fall table, fall decor, fall decorating, mary tuttles,, Mary Tuttle's,
The top view of this gorgeous harvest garden themed table

Micheal’s creation has WOWed everyone, including myself. As someone who has enjoyed and studied table scapes for many years, I can truly appreciate the creativity that went into this design. Here are my top five favorite design tactics which Michael has incorporated into this table.


As you can probably tell, this table is a retail display, so it may not be designed to fit a realistic table setting. However, I love Michael’s concept of layering. He has used serving platters as placemats. Which, in and of itself, is a unique approach to setting the table. I also love how he layered the centerpiece. With olive trees for height, and the green leaves for fullness at the base. Within the leaves, he added another layer of pumpkins, gourds, and acorns to mimic a garden where you would harvest your favorite items.

Mary Tuttle's, fall table, fall decor, fall decorating, fall inspiration

Beautiful collection of gourds, acorns, and pumpkins


Michael used green as his dominant color and brown as his secondary color. Perfect to elicit a feeling of earth and nature. Also, these colors tend to be soothing and relaxing. He infused additional fall colors but only slightly, in the most interesting way, to draw your eye around the table.


Incorporating a “surprise” element is always welcomed! I love this concept with interior decor, food preparation, and all aspects of entertaining. Guests love it when they “discover” something on the table. Michael used a whimsy surprise by incorporating these adorable wool lambs at every place setting. Each lamb carries a pumpkin and is covered in fall leaves. They were hand-crafted by a local artist who creates these lambs throughout the year.


Of course, you cannot create a “fall” table without incorporating decor that is reflective of fall. Michael did that by bringing in Plush Pumkin (R) pumpkins to the place settings.

These pumpkins are soft and beautiful and would be perfect as gifts for your dinner guests to take home. Or, they can remove them from the plate and set them on to the center of the table, adding to the centerpiece.


Although we’ve already covered the “element of surprise” I do love it when the host or hostess take something that we are very accustomed to and think out of the box. With this table, Michael took the napkins, which we are accustomed to seeing somewhere on the table, and placed it hanging off the chair. So CLEVER!!

If you would like to see more beautiful entertaining ideas. Stop by Mary Tuttle’s, in Chesterfield Missouri. No matter the season, they are sure to have beautiful inspiration from Michael and the entire design staff.

A Hanukkah Celebration

November 28th, 2018

hanukkah, chanukah, chanukah table, table, celebration, Chanukah celebration

My friend, Jane, has incredible taste and she happens to be a fabulous hostess.  When she invited a small group of friends for a Chanukah celebration, no one knew what to expect, since none of us celebrated Chanukah.  Jane made sure to tell us prior to the evening, that we weren’t expected to do anything special, just to come and enjoy the beautiful dinner she prepared for us.

First, I noticed the elegance of the table.  Jane didn’t dress the table with a lot of items, just a few beautiful elements that played off each other.  Her centerpiece was a wire and bead art piece which traveled across the table.  Her placemats mimicked the look with a silver wire design.  Jane also mixed her metals to bring in the gold of the chocolate coins and the silver of the table decor.  Of course, she brought in some blue with the small votives at each place setting.

Chanukah, Hanukkah, Hanukkah celebration, celebration, Jewish Holiday

The menu was full of home-made foods which looked beautiful but simple to prepare. 

To end the evening, we toasted champagne and mentioned how grateful we were to have each other in our lives.  I love experiencing my friends’ hospitality.  As always, Jane did an outstanding job creating a warm and loving atmosphere which we all cannot wait to experience again.

The Golden Turkey

November 17th, 2018

My friend Rachel has a saying…”It’s not Thanksgiving at Arina’s until the Golden Turkey Appears!”

She’s right, when the golden turkey makes its way to the kitchen, Thanksgiving can officially commence! Of course, I start displaying the golden turkey waaaayyy before Thanksgiving.  We change its placement in accordance to the party theme.  For cocktail parties, you’ll find it at the bar or appetizer table.  For family dinners, we’ll display it on the buffet section of the kitchen.  Sometimes, I’ll even place it in odd little nooks just to be funny, it’s a lot like an elf on a shelf except you can touch it, rub it, reposition it, bend it, and pretty much have fun with it! It’s quite the conversation piece.

We acquired this big bird at a garage sale and I probably paid $3 for it.  Ironically,  it has given us so much entertainment and fun that it has become one of our cherished family pieces. I know my boys will be fighting over who gets the golden turkey (HA! Probably not!).

I guess my point is, consider having one or two fun pieces that you traditionally display during the holidays. In addition to the  expensive crystal, fine china, or grandmother’s silver, maybe you too can find yourself a golden turkey!


Family Thanksgiving Celebration

November 16th, 2018

Thanksgiving, decor, Thanksgiving table, thanksgiving with family, thanksgiving party, Happy Thanksgiving

Family at the Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving, decor, Thanksgiving table, thanksgiving with family, thanksgiving party, Happy Thanksgiving

Simple Thanksgiving Decor

Each year, my sister Anna, volunteers to host Thanksgiving and our family gathers at her home to celebrate the holiday. Anna is a wonderful hostess, I’ve said this many times.  She and I are always stealing each other’s ideas and recipes.  Unlike me, Anna does things very simply with a relaxed feel but always seems to WOW her guests.  She never seems to stress over the details.  Even the few times she’s asked me for help, Anna always seems relaxed and at ease while I’m running around stressing over pretty much everything.  Nevertheless, we always seem to pull off a great party and when working together, we make a good team.

During this particular celebration, her table was simple with red placemats and a bouquet of fresh flowers.  However, she added candlelight as her main decor element, creating a soft, warm, and quiet atmosphere.  She used different style and height crystal candleholders which were set on mirror tiles to reflect the light. She also placed some candles in her silver candleholders on the back buffet. Last but not least, she added some votives to bring various levels of height.  It looked so beautiful.

Thanksgiving, decor, Thanksgiving table, thanksgiving with family, thanksgiving party, Happy Thanksgiving

Candlelight Everywhere

This look was very minimal but definitely brought the WOW factor.

Veggie Plate, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Salmon Appetizers. appetizers, easy appetizers, holiday appetizers, thanksgiving appetizers

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

It’s no secret, our family is ALL ABOUT THE APPETIZERS… Anna always prepares a wonderful appetizer spread that is easy and festive.  Above are the smoked salmon appetizers which she serves at practically every function.  They are served on small pieces of bread, smothered in plain cream cheese and topped off with a generous slice of smoked salmon.  She finishes by sprinkling green onion on top and watches them disappear off the plate in a matter of minutes.

Hummus Dip, Veggie Plate, Smoked Salmon, Holiday Appetizers, Crackers, Holiday buffet, appetizer buffet,

Veggie Plate and Hummus Dip

I’m always in charge of the veggie plates and dip.

Hummus, basil hummus, hummus dip, dip, basil, vegetables, veggie plate, veggie appetizers, veggie appetizer, appetizer, healthy appetizer

Veggie Plate and Basil Hummus

This veggie plate featured my favorite basil hummus which I make for practically EVERY occasion.

I also love bringing my beet hummus which adds a vibrant color to an otherwise boring cracker bowl.

The dinner is typically traditional with turkey, cranberry source, her famous mixed roasted vegetables, and of course, mashed potatoes. Here’s my son and my parents enjoying her delicious buffet.

Last but not least, the dessert always comes from The Smoke House Market, which is a wonderful store in Chesterfield, Missouri. It is affiliated with Annie Gunns, which is a famous steak house in St. Louis, and sells many of their freshly prepared food creations. Their pies are in HIGH DEMAND during the holidays and since my niece worked there, we always had fresh pies for Thanksgiving… with a bit of vanilla ice cream on top.

All in all, my sister does a fantastic job with Thanksgiving. And I’m alway impressed with how beautifully and seamlessly she executes this annual celebration.

Juliska Holiday Table at Mary Tuttle’s With Bunnies… YES, Bunnies!

November 14th, 2018

I truly enjoy working with Mary Tuttle’s, a beautiful home décor and fresh flower retailer in Chesterfield, Missouri.  I’ve worked for them for over seven years creating their marketing campaigns and developing their marketing strategies.  Walking into their store is like walking into a magazine.  Every nook is filled with inspiration on interior design and entertaining.

Each year, they are part of a tabletop event for a local St. Louis publication.  This year, they chose to create a holiday table with the centerpiece that didn’t include a Santa, Christmas Wreath, or Christmas Tree.  This year, their centerpiece was a bunny.  A cute stone bunny that was tied with a burlap bow, wearing a necklace of cranberries, nestled inside a tartan napkin filled punch bowl… and I’m not done yet…sitting on top of a cake plate covered in pine clippings. Yes, that was the centerpiece and it was DIVINE!!!

The tablecloth was a simple burlap and the place settings were all different, with primarily holiday themed Juliska plates in Country Estate Winter Frolic.  Even the wine glasses were different which added a casual feel to the table which still looked festive and holiday themed.

I love the new tartan napkins and beautiful napkin rings. And of course, a gold votive at every pacesetting is such a wonderful touch.

So for your holidays this year, step out of the box a bit and bring out those bunnies to create something unique and unforgettable! Oh, and most importantly, if you live in St. Louis, stop by Mary Tuttle’s and get inspired with a lot more creative ideas.

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Juliska, Juliska table, Juliska Holiday Table, Table Top, Holiday table, holiday tabletop, holiday table top, christmas table, Christmas table top, Christmas China, Juliska Christmas China, Table Place settings, Christmas Centerpiece, Holiday Centerpiece, Tablescape, Holiday Table Scape

Juliska, Juliska table, Juliska Holiday Table, Table Top, Holiday table, holiday tabletop, holiday table top, christmas table, Christmas table top, Christmas China, Juliska Christmas China, Table Place settings, Christmas Centerpiece, Holiday Centerpiece, Tablescape, Holiday Table Scape

Juliska, Juliska table, Juliska Holiday Table, Table Top, Holiday table, holiday tabletop, holiday table top, christmas table, Christmas table top, Christmas China, Juliska Christmas China, Table Place settings, Christmas Centerpiece, Holiday Centerpiece, Tablescape, Holiday Table Scape

Juliska, Juliska table, Juliska Holiday Table, Table Top, Holiday table, holiday tabletop, holiday table top, christmas table, Christmas table top, Christmas China, Juliska Christmas China, Table Place settings, Christmas Centerpiece, Holiday Centerpiece, Tablescape, Holiday Table Scape

Juliska, Juliska table, Juliska Holiday Table, Table Top, Holiday table, holiday tabletop, holiday table top, christmas table, Christmas table top, Christmas China, Juliska Christmas China, Table Place settings, Christmas Centerpiece, Holiday Centerpiece, Tablescape, Holiday Table Scape

A Fabulous Brunch by my Friend, Rachel!

November 7th, 2018

brunch, breakfast, eggs, salad, breakfast buffet, bagels, bagel party, party, buffet, brunch buffet,

I have a wonderful friend named Rachel who is obsessed with Smitten Kitchen.  Rachel invited us to a fabulous bagel brunch at her home.  The bagels were from a famous local bakery where they make water bagels and we were excited to finally sample a few.  Rachel not only supplied the delicious bagels, but she also made several outstanding recipes from Smitten Kitchen and Dash and Bella.  First, she made Baked Eggs with Spinach and Mushrooms. They turned out delicious! Secondly, she prepared a Persimmon Salad which not only tasted fabulous but was also one of the most beautiful salads I have ever seen.  Rachel outdid herself and I had to share some photos as well as links to both the recipes. So, if hosting a brunch is in your future, the recipes in this post will be outstanding.

Brunch, breakfast, salad, party, breakfast buffet, muffins, fruit salad, buffet


Craft Club Goodies

November 5th, 2018

I’m shining the spotlight on my friend Rachel again.  Rachel is no stranger to fabulous parties, she organizes fun events which look effortless and always filled with delicious goodies.  For anyone who feels like it takes too much work or preparation to host a book night or craft night, you will love this post.  Hosting these types of mini-parties are very easy and don’t require as much work and planning as a typical party. When Rachel decided to throw a craft night, she asked all the guests to bring their favorite snacks. One guest brought a delicious white bean dip with pretzels.  Another brought home-made chocolate covered pop-corn… SOOO GOOD… and another brought yummy gourmet chocolates.  Rachel did an outstanding job of organizing a night out and creating a fun craft.  And since all the guests were more than happy to bring something fun, Rachel also made her life a little easier.

Stunning Thanksgiving and Christmas Tables Settings

October 31st, 2018

Thanksgiving, holidays, holiday table, holiday tablscapes, turkey, holiday celebration

Gold and red Thanksgiving tablescape from Pottery Barn

Today is Halloween and I’m sad because, if you know me,  you know that I LOVE everything Halloween!  However, I won’t be down for too long because during the holiday season, when one holiday passes, another one is just around the corner!

My focus for the next few weeks is going to be Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving because it’s all about fall… the colors, textures, but most of all, the food! Thanksgiving makes me think of warmth and comfort. I love watching QVC and seeing all the fuzzy blankets, flannel sheets, and pajamas that go on sale. I love the cool crisp air and the fragrance of peoples’ fireplaces burning in the evenings. It’s just a fabulous time of year.

I had a chance to visit Plaza Frontenac, a shopping center in St. Louis, and stop in some of the stores which display beautiful tablesscapes.  Here are some of my favorites.  Also, I am going to show Christmas tablescapes as well since I know some people like to put out their Christmas china on Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!

Fall, holiday, thanksgiving, tablescape, tables, tablesetting, Thanksgiving table setting, gold, plates, red,

Another Pottery Barn Fall Table Setting

Fall, tables, place setting, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving placesetting, silver, plates, china

Stunning silver fall table setting from Williams Sonoma

Fall, tables, place setting, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving placesetting, silver, plates, china, pumpkins, napkins,

Loving this color combination of black and gold fall table setting

Fall, tables, place setting, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving placesetting, silver, plates, china

Another beautiful Williams Sonoma fall tablescape

Fall, tables, place setting, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving placesetting, silver, plates, china, holiday, reindeer,

Reindeer, reindeer, reindeer! I can’t help but adore this whimsical reindeer themed place setting from Pottery Barn

Fall, tables, place setting, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving placesetting, silver, plates, china, plaid, holiday, holiday plaid, christmas

Plaid tableware from Pottery Barn. I will always love plaid. It’s one of the most classic and elegant winter patterns. I can definitely see using these plates and mugs even after the holidays.

Holiday table, holidays, tablescapes, table setting, santa, illustrated santa, china, plates, silver, holiday table

Plaid and Santa… Need I say more? Pottery Barn never disappoints.