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Easy Tips On Creating A Delicious Dessert Bar!

When it's time to satisfy your wedding guests' sweet tooths, consider the most fabulous sensation to hit the wedding scene: chic dessert bars. They offer a delicious and visually satisfying end to a reception, showcasing the personalities and tastes of the bride and groom at the same time.

Unbelievable Fall + Winter Wedding Bouquets

Celebrate your wedding day with majestic bouquets that are rich in color and texture, reflecting the beauty of the fall and winter seasons. We asked four St. Louis florists to come up with a medley of bouquets capturing the charm and elegance of the season.

Feathering Her Nest -- The Perfect Bridal Shower!

When Marty Weinstock decided to host a bridal shower for the daughter of her dear friend Linda, she undoubtedly wanted it to be a very special and beautifully designed event. While working on a reception for an Edison Theatre production of

Five Fun PEEPS Secrets To Help You Create Easter Crafts and Desserts

For some, PEEPS symbolize Easter, spring, and pure happiness! So whether you love them or hate them, these marshmallow molded sugar coated candies are one of the most popular treats in the United States! Over 4 million are created each day and 1 billion are made every year! Best of all, there is an endless variety of ways you can use them for snacking, baking, and even decorating. Here are my five favorite (super easy) PEEPS projects and the secrets to making them perfect!

Invite Envy

It's no secret that the expense of invitations can be significant. A bride or party host has many alternatives -- hiring a professional to design and create the invitations, having a designer create the invitations and assembling them herself, choosing ready-made designs from a catalog, or even printing invitations herself. Your decisions should reflect the amount of time you have to dedicate to this project, balanced against your budget. Consider how important the invitations are to you and what portion of the budget you are willing to allocate to them. Some brides see invitations as an item which will eventually be discarded by the receiver; others see it as one of the most important first impressions of any event; and still others value it as a lasting token of the big day.

Pretty In Pink — A Girl's Monogram and Silhouette Birthday Tea Party

Demi cups, teddy bears, feather boas? Not at this tea party! There's nothing more fun than taking a favorite theme and giving it a fun twist. And at Josie's home, there's always room for something different. No stranger to beautiful celebrations, Josie is a professional wedding and special events planner, running a successful company. On her days off, she enjoys spending time with her two wonderful daughters and fabulous husband. When the time came to plan a birthday party for her two daughters, who incidentally have their birthdays one week apart, the creative juices were flowing.

5 Easy Tips for the Perfect Fondue Party!

Imagine being able to throw a party without spending all your time cooking! Sound impossible? Not with Fondue! This fabulous way of entertaining has been around for hundreds of years and is a boon for the novice or busy host — here are five easy tips on helping you to create your very own fondue party which I shared on Better Kansas City.

Romantic Fondue Party! Do You... Fondue?

Who says a Valentine's Day dinner must be reserved for only two? In fact, we think the beauty of one of the most special days of the year does not have to be solely dedicated to a pair of lovebirds, but can also be shared with friends and family! Our stylist Kathy thought the same thing when she planned this beautiful party for six!

Healthy Super Bowl Party Ideas (And No One Will Ever Know)

Do you know that a Super Bowl Party is the second biggest eating day of the year, right behind Thanksgiving? But unlike Thanksgiving, Super Bowl parties focus on a menu filled with heart-stopping junkfood and an endless supply of alcohol. It's no wonder that most people consume their entire day's caloric intake in just one Superbowl meal.

A Wedding Fit For A Diva (And Designed by One Too!)

I love weddings, and who wouldn't? These days, weddings are clearly some of the most creative special events in the industry. It seems that every bride wants something beautiful, special, and of course, unique and reflective of herself and the groom. From cakes to centerpieces, creativity seems to be endless.

From Russia With Love — A Russian New Year Celebration

When it's time to celebrate a new year, Russian people do it with style! The New Year's celebration is viewed as one of the most beloved and beautiful evenings, filled with gifts, a decorated tree, and did I mention the food... oh the food! We had a chance to create a beautiful New Year's dinner at a St. Louis home intermingling and American home and tablescape with Russian food and tradition.

A Traditional Christmas

If you are looking for a picturesque drive this winter, Town & Country, a suburb of St. Louis, should be at the top of your list. The beauty of the homes and their holiday decorations will easily put you in the Christmas spirit. Tom and Pam's house is one of those homes. From the warm welcome of the wreaths hung on the entry doors to the shimmering twinkles of garland and Christmas tree lights inside, the festive decorations make it hard to leave.

Party Worthy Vegetables and Platters

Nervous about falling prey to the holiday eating frenzy? If you are hosting a party, you can say good-bye to that frustrating feeling that your table has to be laden with rich and unhealthy foods. Here are five simple tips on displaying healthy veggies in an attractive and fun way to dress-up your next holiday party... or any party for that matter! Trust us, your guests will thank you for it!

How To Create An Epic Cheese Platter!

It's always really exciting when I get to appear on Better Kansas City! The hosts are fun and the crew always makes me feel like I'm among friends! It was Kelly's (one of the hosts) birthday the prior week and I wanted to create something special for her to celebrate her belated birthday! What better way to do that than with a cheese spread? Lucky for me, the producer agreed that since the holidays were just around the corner, most watchers would probably appreciate a

A Chanukkah to Remember

For Melissa's family, Hanukkah is a festive holiday, rich in traditions. This eight-day Jewish holiday, which commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, brings together the young and the old for prayers, songs, food, and gifts. This Creve Coeur family blends long-standing Hanukkah traditions with sophistication and style. The joy of the holiday is evident in the faces of family members and reflected in the festive decorations. And the latkes are something to look forward to all year! Below is a gorgeous centerpiece, designed by Petals Galore, comprised of orchids and tulips. Sandra Fulton, the designer, also spray painted banana leaves and incorporated them into the centerpiece. The gold paint symbolizes the gold and blue color scheme traditionally associated with Chanukkah.

Giving Thanks - A Family Thanksgiving

Deep in the heart of Ladue, preparations are taking place for a dinner that provokes much attention and anticipation. At the Hillman home, holiday dinners (or any dinner for that matter) are never taken lightly. Seasoned entertainers, both Cindy and Laurence take their roles very seriously; together they create unforgettable evenings that in some cases become legendary in their family history.

A Ghoulish Halloween

In the heart of Chesterfield lives the "Good Witch" of West County, loved by all in her kingdom and rumored to put a spell on her guests to inspire them to entertain beautifully. Of course, Nancy is not really a witch, but when Halloween comes around, she is not reluctant to don the witch's hat, decorate her beautiful home, and prepare a dinner party that will bewitch all her guests.

5 Fun Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Your Next Party

Although not an entirely new concept, chalkboard paint has been around for several years and a popular item in home decorating. In the past few years, it has also been easing its way into the entertaining world as well. People are finding more and more ways to use chalkboard paint. Here are our five favorites!

Bring Some Bling With Metallic Pumpkins

Each year, I look for different ways to “spice up” my fall festivities. I love finding different ways I can embellish a pumpkin without crossing into the Halloween mode. This year, I scoured the web and Pinterest for some great ideas and found these three. I'm in love with the idea of covering your pumpkin in metal. This is such a classic style which I can add to every year. Below are some of the ways I embellished my pumpkins with metal. Some of them are super easy, one takes a bit of skill. I hope they inspire you.

15 Things You Can Put In Your Pumpkin

If you were thinking that this year you're going to skip buying a pumpkin, I warn you now, stop reading this article because I'm about to give you 20 reasons why you should go out and purchase a pumpkin... RIGHT NOW! But in all seriousness, getting through fall without even one pumpkin is no fun, so if you are at a loss as to what to do with your next pumpkin purchase... read on!

Easy Fall Inspired Centerpieces

I love, love, love fall! Of all the seasons, I would be happy with fall 365 days of the year! The cool crisp weather, the wonderful smell and sight of falling leaves, the idea that I can burn a cinnamon-apple candle 24 hours a day, oooh I can go on and on!

Dream Wedding Tablescape

Another beautiful table at the Ritz Carlton Table Top Event for St. Louis Children's Hospital was from a company called Cosmopolitan Events. The event planning gurus at Cosmopolitan Events blew everyone away with this stunning table that was literally sitting under a “tent”. The draping, done by Aries Company, was absolutely stunning and made everyone sitting at the table feel like they were in a dream wedding! Additional vendors that helped with this tabletop was Fleurish, Encore Baking, BBJ Linens, Aries Company, and Premiere Rentals.

Kite Themed Children's Party Table

I can't deny it, I am absolutely in love with this table display designed by Kim Mower from The Head of The Table Rental. Kim designed a kite themed children's party table with kites as centerpieces and candy jars filled with fun items any child would enjoy. Gum balls, chalk, jump rope, lollipops, and much more surrounded the centerpiece. Creative doesn't begin to describe Kim's design. Needless to say, it was a hit at the Ritz Carlton Children's Hospital Table Top Event!

Unique Table Centerpieces

The Ritz Carlton Annual Table Top Event benefiting St. Louis Children's Hospital, is an event like no other. Each year, professionals from various industries come together and create tables that are reflective of their industry. Here are some of my favorites.

Butterfly and Orchid Themed Table Design

Another beautiful table, at the Ritz Carlton Children's Hospital Table Top Event, was Jane Winter's Butterfly and Orchid inspired table. Jane used a massive silver urn and filled it with hundreds of green orchids. Surrounding the large urn were vases of various flowers including roses and hydrangeas. Throughout the design, Jane incorporated delicate feather butterflies. Jane Winter owns Wildflowers, a floral design studio in St. Louis.

Citrus and Fruit Inspired Table Design

Not too long ago, my magazine had the privilege of being a media sponsor for a stunning “Table Top” event which happens annually at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in St. Louis. The event is held to raise money for Children's Hospital and draws a huge crowd every time. Vendors from all over St. Louis come together and design tables in various party themes. From florists, caterers and retailers, to bridal consultants, supermarkets, and even interior designers. Anyone can design a table at the event and you will find some really creative ideas and inspiration.

Back-to-School Snack Attack!

If your kids are anything like mine, they tend to come home after school exhausted and HUNGRY! But with dinner a few hours away, it can be a challenge to whip something up that's quick, healthy and not too filling. These are my favorite recipes that I found surfing the web and Pinterest. I tweaked some of them, so feel free to have fun and make them “your own”.

Mother's Day Celebration

Ahhh, Mother's Day... I love this holiday! When I was younger and without children, I have to admit, I didn't pay much attention to this day. I'm ashamed to say that I would send my mom some flowers and call it a day! But after the birth of my children and experiencing the role of a