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Loving Lidia's in Kansas City…

April 19th, 2012

I have to admit, few chefs on TV can “cook from the heart” like Lidia Bastianich. Everything about her is authentic… from her Italian roots to the mouth watering cuisine. Is it true that everything tastes better with an Italian accent?

I’ve watched Lidia’s shows on PBS for as long as I can remember and after each show I vow to make one of her dishes. She just makes it look so easy! Now that I live in Kansas City, I had to visit her restaurant… Lidia’s Kansas City. Here are some photos from our visit.

Her restaurant is contemporary but homey. High ceilings, earthy colors, white linen, and of course, incredible food! The front of the restaurant has a beautiful garden, which is the perfect first impression. Inside, you will find a beautiful fireplace, wood beamed ceilings and so much more!

We came for Sunday brunch with friends. The brunch was three courses. The anti-pasta and dessert were available on the self-serve buffet. However, you had to order off can you order cialis online the brunch menu for your main dish. I chose the octopus salad and absolutely LOVED it. It was a wonderful brunch and perfect fuel for the afternoon of museum hopping we had on the agenda.

I love Halloween!

April 13th, 2012

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year!  Especially when I look through photos of some of the fun things I have made over the years.  I found these two photos as I was going through my old photos.  Over the years, I have fallen in love with Halloween for so many reasons.  Below is a centerpiece I made when I was showcasing many different centerpiece ideas for Halloween on Great Day St. Louis, a local TV show.  This was one of them.  The goal was to create something that was SUPER easy and that the kids could help you put together.  I had my kids draw on small pumpkins… polka dots, stripes, dots, etc. and arranged them on a dessert tray.  I topped the arrangement off with a black feather boa and done!!


Another fun thing I created last year was this candy corn wreath.  It was super easy!  I wrapped a foam wreath in black duct tape and hot glued the candy corn to the wreath.  I need to dry the candy for one week to get all the moisture out, which was the hardest part of the project since I wanted to snack on them every time I walked by them.  But I resisted and had all the necessary candy to get the wreath finished.  However, I have a WARNING for you!  If you are planning to show off your candy corn wreath outside, make sure it’s a cool and dry day.  I stored my wreath for the entire year and when I took it out of storage, it looked great!  However, we had a humid and hot day (the 70’s) and I forgot to take down the wreath.  Guess what happened?  The candy melted and dripped all over my door.  So my best advice is to enjoy this wreath indoors!

Welcome Spring!!

April 12th, 2012

Photography By Arina Lanis
Styling by Sandra Meyer of Petals Galore 

Spring is here and I just love it!  I was going through my old photos from past photo shoots and found this collage which I created after I photographed a Citrus Themed Wedding created by my wonderful friend and floral diva, Sandra Fulton from Petals Galore!  This woman is incredible.  I asked her if she could create a fun wreath and centerpiece with a citrus theme.  Not only did she hit the mark, but she absolutely went above and beyond… plus threw in a bouquet as well!  I can stare at this collage forever and not get tired of it!  Wouldn’t this design theme be perfect for a wedding, Easter, or Mother’s Day? LOVE!!!!

Party Style File – March

April 9th, 2012

  1. Nothing says spring more than Amberly Dress $228

  2. Leave it to Ralph Lauren to make us turn green with envy! A must have this spring! Ralph Lauren
    Suede Wrap Bracelet, Green
    – $195

  3. If you had the Luck of the Irish, you would certainly smile finding this Isola Oasis Wedge Sandals at the end of the rainbow. Available at Macy’s $149

  4. Gorgeous invitation from The Aerialist Press

  5. Get your sweet tooth ready for these Pastel Petits Fours– $38

  6. Kate Spade New York ‘daycation’ coated canvas bon shopper– $148

A Great Easter With The Kids!

April 7th, 2012

Photography by Arina Lanis

Easter is tomorrow and I decided to get my boys and one of their friends together to make some fun Easter eggs and decorate cupcakes.  I checked out Pinterest to get ideas for decorating and we decided to use rubber bands and paper hole punch protectors.  We may not have been very successful with creating perfect eggs and cupcakes but we were successful in having a fun time and creating wonderful memories.