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Children’s Hospital Table Top Event 2017 – My Favorite Tables.

As many of you know, I am obsessed with anything party, so when this annual event rolls around in the spring, I’m the first to get my tickets. Best of all, proceeds benefit the Friends of St. Louis Children’s Hospital Endowment Fund for Camp Rhythm, a summer camp specially designed for children with heart problems. Why do I love it so much? Because so many fabulous St. Louis designers create spectacular tables that literally blow my mind! When I published St. Louis Entertains magazine, I also participated in this event and Sandra Fulton, our floral designer, created a fruit/citrus themed table. Here is a link to another blog post featuring this event. Click Here To See It

The theme for 2017 was special events. Special events such as baby showers, birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc. Each table chose the event they wanted to design and went all in! There were many beautiful tables, but I have to say, these are my very favorites. So without further delay, here they are!

Loving this gorgeous Thanksgiving Day table from A Floral Gallery. It has just the right balance of red, orange, and gold tones.
Ooooh… that tablecloth!
Yes folks, that’s a floral turkey… I mean… how creative is this woman??? Incredible job, A Floral Gallery!!
American Doll table by the folks at American Doll St. Louis. Very cute!
American Doll Table. Loving those adorable boot centerpieces.
This was a very creative woodsy baby shower theme created by Belli Fiori. I thought this was a clever way to get out of the pink or blue “box” and step into a very unique green and brown color palette.

Love the bushy green base. Gives the table a sense of fullness. The votive holders, which are raised off the table, also bring your eyes up to the main centerpiece.
The wood chargers are very organic while the moss green table linens give all the table accessories a great backdrop.
The chair had interesting floral decorations which were very organic and free flowing.
And here is the full table. It’s a WOW!!!
I also love the bark floral containers. Again, very organic. This concept would be great for a couple who love nature and the outdoors.
This beautiful table, created by Caroline Kelsey Flowers, is also one of my favorites. I love the choice of linens which make the china pop beautifully off the table. The distress floral container is gorgeous and all the natural elements are beautifully orchestrated. I found this table to be very soothing and relaxing.
Love the texture of the tablecloth and the touches of moss around the base of the centerpiece. Really well executed!
This table, by Cherree Berry Paper, which is a bridal shower, is classic and beautiful. The floral elements, created by Bloomin’ Buckets, look like something out of a magazine. I love the table linens as well.
Although I was not the biggest fan of this arrangement, since it looks like a hand with three fingers, I have to say that I thought it was very creative. The centerpiece is designed with vegetables, bread, cheese, fruit, and alcohol… all of the things I LOVE!! So, I would have been in heaven if I was sitting at this table.
One of the most talked about tables was designed by Cosmopolitan Events. Although they had a full team of vendors that contributed to their massive table, they did a great job fusing all the elements together and creating one of the biggest tables on display.
Love the backdrop of grass and flowers.
This gorgeous table was designed by the St. Louis Service Bureau. Each year they create a jaw dropping table and this year was no different. This bridal shower themed table is perfection!! Loving the dogwood centerpiece, which has cards filled with sweet wishes, hanging off it. The cake… the invitations… place settings… it’s all fabulous!
Loving the beautiful calligraphy on the place cards.
Isn’t this table ADORABLE?! Perfect for easter! Unfortunately, I don’t know who created it because I couldn’t find the card. But I just love how festive it feels. I also love that it’s not difficult to re-create. The simplicity of the details are my favorite. I love it when I find a table I adore and I can actually re-create it! Unfortunately, that’s hard to find at Table Top events since people want to impress the guests with crazy designs that either cost a fortune or are impossible to re-create unless you are an award winning florist. This table was beautifully designed and also non pretentious. I just love it!
This St. Louis Blues hockey table is a DREAM for a boy’s birthday. It was created by Exclusive Events and was by far, the most popular table at the event, which is ironic since all the guests were women.
Each chair had a blues hockey jersey on it, the centerpiece is actually created with four hockey pucks, and the table itself is the ice rink… GENIUS!!

How can you not fall in love with this beautiful table from Walter Knoll Flowers. It just screams SPRING!
Another beautiful bridal shower table from The Great Coverup!
Loving the miniature champagne bottles!
Fun table Happy Engagement table from The Sweet Boutique. I love the large balloons with sweet messages printed on them like “Love is in the air!”
This table was a SPECTACULAR!! And the most ironic thing is that it came from a vendor that does not do special events… not a florist, not a designer, not a special events venue.. but The St. Louis Public Library! It was absolutely spectacular. People could not get enough of it.
The place cards were popular quotes, the table cloth were made out of old book covers, the centerpiece was books with pages flying out of them and occasional flowers. It was BEYOND creative. If this event was a completion. THEY WOULD BE THE WINNER!
Yes friends, that’s a book tower with pages flying out of them!!!
Soft Surroundings sponsored this event and they had a large table with a carnival theme.
Cute Merry-Go-Round tickets wrapped each napkin.
I also loved the runner which was a collage of vintage photos of carnivals and theme parks. Really well done for such a large table.
This “housewarming” themed table was adorable. It was created by a local realtor, Shelly Owens, and she did a wonderful job inspiring guests on how to create a fun table without spending a fortune. The centerpiece is a grouping of adorable birdhouses. She added flowers and cute messages for a fun touch. Another table I thought I could easily replicate.
This was a very interesting table from Pure Air Natives. Very natural.
This table was SOOOO CUTE!!! It was from Miss M’s Candies. She did a wonderful job of bringing fun and whimsy to the event. It was so reflective of her branding.
Loving all the bunnies and ducks… oh and those plates!
Fiesta party from June Roesslein Interiors. So colorful and fun, made me crave chips and margarita immediately! Love all the colors on the table and the centerpiece.
Gorgeous Kentucky Derby party by Joya. I mean… it’s absolutely perfect!
BLUSH Events created this gorgeous pineapple themed table with a stunning color palette. This is the perfect table for for a bridal or engagement party… or even a wedding. Two thumbs up!