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Dying Your Flowers – Stem Dying Roses With Blue Dye


Looking for a blue flower and just can’t find it?  Here’s the solution.  Stem dye your flowers to get the color you want!  The color that I wanted was blue since I was trying to come up with a pretty 4th of July centerpiece.  I used roses, one of the easiest flowers to stem dye.  And here is how I did it.

Purchase white roses.  Fill a vase, which will accommodate the number of roses you purchased without crowding them, with a nice amount of water.  Place 10, 20, or more drops of food coloring in the water.  The goal is to make your water very dark with the blue food coloring… as dark as you can get it.  Cut the stems of your roses to the length you would like to use in your centerpiece.  Place the white roses inside the blue water and wait about 24 hours.  If you start seeing blue coloring on the rim of your rose petals, pat yourself on the back because things are progressing just as you want them to!  Within 24 hours, you should have a beautiful blue rose.

Here is the progression of how my roses went from white to blueish.  As you can see, within hours, my roses starting getting the blue dye on the outer rims of their petals and then, they started to get bluer and bluer.



Just a warning, the rose will never become fully blue, just a fun speckled look that will still show some of the original white.  The roses kind of look like they have blue freckles.


You can also get creative and use some roses that have become mostly blue with roses that only have a little bit of blue on the rims of their petals.  This is what I did for my centerpieces.  Most importantly use food coloring (gel or liquid) ONLY… no clothes dye or other dyes.  They will just kill the flowers.

Of course, last but not least, enjoy all the wonderful comments you will get from your work and your beautiful arrangement.