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I love Halloween!

Halloween is a wonderful time of the year!  Especially when I look through photos of some of the fun things I have made over the years.  I found these two photos as I was going through my old photos.  Over the years, I have fallen in love with Halloween for so many reasons.  Below is a centerpiece I made when I was showcasing many different centerpiece ideas for Halloween on Great Day St. Louis, a local TV show.  This was one of them.  The goal was to create something that was SUPER easy and that the kids could help you put together.  I had my kids draw on small pumpkins… polka dots, stripes, dots, etc. and arranged them on a dessert tray.  I topped the arrangement off with a black feather boa and done!!


Another fun thing I created last year was this candy corn wreath.  It was super easy!  I wrapped a foam wreath in black duct tape and hot glued the candy corn to the wreath.  I need to dry the candy for one week to get all the moisture out, which was the hardest part of the project since I wanted to snack on them every time I walked by them.  But I resisted and had all the necessary candy to get the wreath finished.  However, I have a WARNING for you!  If you are planning to show off your candy corn wreath outside, make sure it’s a cool and dry day.  I stored my wreath for the entire year and when I took it out of storage, it looked great!  However, we had a humid and hot day (the 70’s) and I forgot to take down the wreath.  Guess what happened?  The candy melted and dripped all over my door.  So my best advice is to enjoy this wreath indoors!