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PEEPS Halloween Centerpiece

The boys and I had way too much fun this weekend!!  After going to the dollar store, I picked up some fun supplies to make PEEPS centerpieces.  I got the Dizzy Pop, candy corn, licorice and vases at the dollar store and picked up shredded paper, flowers, and PEEPS at various other stores.  It took the kids and I about 10 minutes to create this fun arrangement.  All we did was put a smaller cylinder bud vase inside the cylinder vases (just for the vases where we wanted to put the flowers) and then dropped candy corn, shredded paper, and PEEPS in between the empty layer between the narrow bud vase and the larger cylinder vase.  Then, we put the flowers inside the small bud vase.  You’ll notice that the bud vase doesn’t have much room for flowers, but if you use one or two large flowers (sunflowers or gerber daisies) they will look wonderful as well!  I used the purple flowers because I thought they would be a nice contrast with the orange and yellow.