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If you are looking for a fun and “funny” dessert at your next Halloween party, Halloween Fortune Cookies are just that!   You can get really creative by inserting your own fortunes… such as “Treat others as you would Treat yourself” or “Happiness is a large helping from our dessert buffet” or “Beware of people dressed up in costumes”.

If you want to get funnier, think about the guests who will be coming to your party as well as the costumes they will be wearing.  If you know that one of your guests will dress up like Superman, create a few fortunes that say “Superman will be entering your life tonight”.  To get guests to mingle, say something like “The stars will be aligned for you if you pull Superman’s cape!” Insert them into the cookies and your guests will get a kick out of reading the fortune and seeing Superman walk through the door.  You can get creative with all sorts of fortunes that are customized to your party.  If you know someone is coming dressed up like Dracula, you can create a fortune saying “Good luck will find you if you seek out dracula and tell him you like his fangs!” 

A little research goes a long way in making it seem like your cookies are predicting the future.


  • 1 bag Fortune Cookies
  • 1 bag Candy melts (available at Michael’s or any baking and hobby store)
  • Orange + Black sprinkles (available during Halloween)


Arrange the fortune cookies on a sheet of wax paper. Pull out existing fortunes with small tweezers and insert your own (more info. below). Melt the Candy Melts. Dip the front (or back) of the fortune cookies in the melted candy. Cover as much of the cookie as you like. Immediately add sprinkles Refrigerate fortune cookies for 15 minutes or until the candy hardens. Enjoy!