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Chocolate covered Clementines

Yes, they are truly THIS easy to make!


  • 1 pkg Chocolate candy melts
  • 1 bag Clementines
  • Lavender salt (sea salt will work)


Peel clementines and try to take as much of the pith off as possible (the white stuff), although if a little bit is left, it won't change the taste dramatically. Prepare a wax paper sheet and section out the clementine pieces one by one on the wax paper. This way, you will see how much space you have and reserve a spot for each piece after its dipped in chocolate.
Melt the candy melts in a double boiler. Once the candy melts are smooth and melted, take each clementine section and dip into the chocolate. After you have a few rows finished, sprinkle with lavender or sea salt and start on the next rows. You want to make sure that the chocolate is still wet when the salt is sprinkled, that way it will stick to the chocolate.


Arrange on a plate or platter and serve immediately. For added interest, you can serve it on a platter with chocolate covered strawberries, kiwis, and bananas.