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Peeps Easter Cake

A sure winner at any Easter party! If you decide to refrigerate the cake after preparation, be prepared for the peeps to get a little hard. If you prefer your peeps to be soft, place them on the cake right before serving.


  • 1 pkg Any flavor ready-made cake mix
  • 2-3 pkg Yellow "Peeps" Easter Bunnies
  • 2 containers Ready made vanilla icing
  • 2 Easter cookies (any design you like, we used "eggs")
  • Pastel colored sprinkles


Prepare cake mix according to package instructions. We made a two-tiered cake which we then covered in ready-made vanilla icing.

Scatter sprinkles on top of the cake.

Place your cookies on top of the cake.

Last but certainly not least, surround the cake with yellow Peeps Easter Bunnies.