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Red Caviar + Rice Cracker Towers

If you are looking for a beautiful, low calorie appetizer, you will love these Red Caviar + Rice Cracker Towers. I used a wonderful cracker called Sesmark Savory Rice Minis. They are perfect because they are small! Tower appetizers are the hottest trend in food presentation and these crackers let you make towers quickly and easily. Plus, they are small enough that you can still eat them in one bite.


  • 1 pkg thin rice crackers (we used Sesmark Savory Rice Minis)
  • 1 pkg cream cheese (we used the whipped variety because it is easer to spread)
  • Romanoff Red Caviar (very affordable and primarily used for garnishing)
  • Green onion for garnishing
  • Dried dill


Create the towers by putting cream cheese in between each cracker to your desired height.
Make an "x" with the green onions and spoon a small amount of red caviar on top.
Sprinkle with dill and serve on a dried herb leaf which guests should not eat.