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Peep Pops

If you love peeps, the mix of the salty pretzel, the chocolate covered marshmallow, and the sugared peep will transport you to heaven. Plus, the kids will think you are the best parent in the world!


  • 1 pkg 4.5 oz of yellow (or any color) Peeps
  • 1 pkg candy melts (available at any craft store)
  • 1 pkg Pretzel sticks
  • multi-colored sprinkles (any size and color will work) -- we used the Easter Mix


Melt candy melts in a double boiler. In the meantime, prepare all your ingredients. Break-apart the Peeps, get the marshmallows ready, have the sprinklers quickly available.

Once the chocolate is melted and ready to work with, skewer the marshmallow on the pretzel stick and leave about an inch on top for the Peep. Dip and turn the marshmallow in the chocolate to coat well. Don't worry if you get chocolate on the top of the pretzel stick.

Once the marshmallow is coated well, place a peep on top of the pretzel stick. Be careful, you don't want the peep to rip. Make sure the peep makes contact with the marshmallow and even gets a little chocolate on the bottom. Then dip the peep's ears in the chocolate.

Sprinkle the ears and marshmallow with sprinkles and leave upright to help the chocolate "set". We set our peeps inside long water glasses to dry.


Once the peeps are dried, serve them in a bundle inside a vase or any glass which can accommodate the length of the peep pop.