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Fangtastic Dracula Dentures

This is by far one of the most popular Halloween treats in 2012.  If you are on Pinterest, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  These are wonderful because they are SUPER easy and need little skill.  And this is why I love them.  All you need are soft cookies, red icing, marshmallows and almond pieces.

If you will make your own cookies, make sure you bake them so they are still soft and moist.  If you will buy cookies from the store, just purchase the “soft baked” ones, not the crunchy versions.  You can use any cookie flavor… it tastes great no matter which one you use.  You can also use chocolate frosting, if you don’t want the red gums.

Just break or cut the cookie in half.  Spread the red icing on each cookie.  Place the marshmallows on the bottom cookie half and sandwich the other half on top.  Then, just stick the almond pieces to create the fangs and you are all set!  Trust me, it will be a HIT at your next Halloween party!