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Super Simple Centerpieces (I'm talkin' Duct Tape!) and Appetizer Display

As always, I had a wonderful time ending 2012 with two segments on Better Kansas City TV show! The beautiful and classy  Lisa Holbrook, one of the hosts who interviewed me (on the left), always makes me feel special and welcomed.  The gorgeous and hip Kelly Jones (on the right), is the other host.  Kelly and Lisa make a great team and both make my time at Better Kansas City fun and memorable.

My two segments covered super easy centerpieces and creative ways to showcase your appetizers. Below are the tips for the centerpieces. I hope you enjoy them and if you would like to see the actual TV segments, I’ll be posting them soon on my  “videos”  page.  Or, you can see them directly on the KCTV 5 Web Site:



Stunning Christmas centerpieces don’t necessarily have to take a lot of time or expensive materials. If you are looking to create something budget friendly, yet creative, this holiday season, here are some great ideas on re-purposing things you may already have sitting around your house!

1. METAL CANS, JARS & DUCT TAPE : Before you throw out those coffee cans, veggie cans, or even pickle jars, STOP! Because now you can re-purpose them as fun containers for your holiday centerpiece. Simply purchase decorative duct tape at any craft store and cover your cans and jars. Before you know it, you’ll have a great centerpiece to wow your friends with!  I used polka-dot decorative duct tape.  I re-purposed used ribbon and tied it around the can.  I filled the cans with fresh flowers and set a red Christmas ornament on top.  It turned out great!

2. CANDY TOPIARIES: One of the many things we are tempted with during the holidays is the plethora of candy that
seems to pop-up from just about everywhere. Well, instead of watching your waistline grow, watch how impressed your friends and family will be when you create these fun and easy topiaries perfect for your table, buffet, or just about anywhere.  I used hot glue to adhere the peppermints.  I also used toothpicks for the gumdrop trees.  Both were super easy and I did them with my kids while watching a Christmas movie.

3. EMPTY BOXES: I don’t know about most people, but my house seems to get an inordinate amount of boxes during the
holidays. With a little creativity and help from wrapping paper, you can transform those boring old empty boxes into beautiful
displays perfect for anywhere in your home.

4. GIFT BAGS AND GIFT BOXES If you ever thought that vases were the only things you could put flowers in, you’re about
to be pleasantly surprised! These “ready-made” table decorations can transform a boring table into a beautiful showplace!

For those of you who know about Elf on A Shelf and wondered why he’s hanging out with me.  Well, it’s because he tagged along with me to the TV studio.  My kids wondered what happened to him in the morning since he was no where to be found.  But when they watched my  TV segment, they were so surprised and thrilled to find him in the midst of my centerpieces.