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Cheese Plate – A Party Must!


Last night was a wonderful night, which I desperately needed.  We had our neighbors over for a dinner which was long overdue.  They’ve invited us several times to their beautiful home and we enjoyed many laughs.  I promised to have them over, but with my friend’s husband being a pilot, and our lives being crazy, we could not get our schedules synced!  But yesterday was that magic Saturday when all the stars aligned… as well as our schedules! We had a wonderful evening filled with great food and conversation.

For an appetizer, I decided to create a cheese platter which would overflow with yumminess!  I had a total of three platters, but the one pictured was the main platter which included gouda and cheddar cheeses, salami, almonds, celery, olives, crackers, and fruit.  The other platters (not pictured) had a Brie with a combination of fig and cherry preserves and a cured meat platter with prosciutto  and grapes.  But I really loved how my main platter came out.  Nothing fussy just easy and rustic.  It was a big hit with our guests and I bet it would be a big hit with yours!  And as you can see, it was very easy to put together.!