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Custom Crayon Wreath – A Fun Teachers Gift for Back To School


In approximately two hours, I will be at school with my youngest boy, registering him for classes and meeting our new teacher, Ms. Layher!  It is her first year teaching second grade, so I thought I would bring her something special to start off her year in her new classroom!  This wreath is all the rage on Pinterest.  I’ve seen it created with pencils, crayons, chalkboard, and other creative additions.  This is my wreath and below are some tips on how I created it.  Trust me, if you like the photo, wait until you see it in person.  And yes, it is SUPER EASY!!

First, I purchased a flat wreath form.  It is one of the least expensive forms to buy, around $4.99 at Michael’s.  I’ve seen people use all sorts of other wreath forms as well.  I hot glued crayons to the wreath, making sure to keep the “crayola” logo facing up.  When the logos are lined up, it forms a nice black band around the wreath and lining up all the graphic elements on the crayons make the wreath look clean and tidy!



Believe it or not, that is the hard part!  Once you hot glued all the crayons, you can then add accessories which can be reflective of your teacher (or yourself, if you are creating this wreath for your front door).  I do not know much about our new teacher, other than her name.  So, I used chalkboard letters to customize her wreath.  I also purchased a small rectangular chalkboard where I wrote “2nd Grade”.  This creates a custom look, but will also give her the opportunity of changing the message depending on her mood.

I also added some ribbon flowers which I created by twisting ribbon into a circular shape and hot gluing it.  If you don’t feel like going through the trouble of making ribbon flowers, just purchase some silk flowers, like colorful daisies, and use them instead.

In need of more ideas, check out Pinterest for more creative ways on embellishing your crayon wreath.  This wreath can be made for your front door, a back to school party, or a great teacher’s gift!